WebApp controls


On this page we are listing a number of controls we have available for DataFlex WebApp development. If you are interested in licensing any of these or interested in other custom controls please contact us for details


Template List

list class with support for html templates


Web Mapping

controls to support different mapping solutions in DF WebApp

MapQuest static maps

Leaflet interactive maps with either MapQuest or OpenStreetMaps providers

Google Maps



Calendar / DatePicker

A better implementation of a calendar and date picker

DHTMLX Controls

We also have a number of the DHTMLX controls implemented for the use with a DataFlex webapp

QR Code

Control to display QR Codes in your web application

Custom Controls

Have a need for a custom control from scratch or would like to use an existing javascript control with DataFlex.

Contact us. We can help you with projects like this

Groupline control

A simple group line control

GEO Location

GEO Location control

enables your webapp to retrieve GEO location from the client browser


Dayplanner control

Scheduling control to schedule daily activities

Pager Control

A pager control


Paypal Button control

easily add paypal buttons to your application

Syncfusion Controls

We also have a number of the Syncfusion controls implemented for the use with a DataFlex webapp

Document Form

A form edit control to fill form documents similar to PDF documents

Tile View

A control to create tile menus


control to enable Googles reCaptcha functionality


A control to calculate unique client fingerprints


A special form control for entering different specific data types such as measurements, time, dates, email addresses, urls etc

User Interface controls

We have a number of custom controls to buildĀ better user interfaces for DataFlex web applications



A simple control to show avatars


control to use the ckEditor in your WebApp programs