DataFlex Package Manager

The DataFlex Package manager is a project we are working on to support package management in DataFlex projects similar to NuGet.


Supports multiple repositories with security features

Server API

The server API allows clients to query existing packages and also maintain packages.

Package Client

The Package Client is used to download packages and maintain them within your DataFlex workspaces

Package Manager

The Package Manager is used to maintain packages on the server


The DataFlex Package Manager supports the use of one or more repositories. Repositories are installed on a web server either local or in the cloud.

Repositories can serve public packages as well as private packages based on authentication.

Server API


The repositories server API is created using ASP.NET Web API 2.

The API supports functions to query available packages as well as package versions.

There are also functions to download and upload packages.

Package Client

The package client is used on clients systems to install packages into your DataFlex workspaces

Package Manager

The package manager allows you to create and maintain packages and upload them to a repository