DataFlex Source Code Browser

The DataFlex Source Code Browser is a Code Editor with built in Source Code Parser and Validator for DataFlex Source Code


it is DataFlex Workspace aware and will show errors and warnings for your source code


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After downloading the zip file make sure to ‘unblock’ the file before extracting and running the install program


You can unblock the zip file by going to the file properties (right-click -> properties) and then check the unblock checkbox


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Code Editor

Code Editor including Syntax Highlighting for DataFlex

Code Parser

DataFlex Code Parser and Validator

Code Browser

Code Browser that allows quick navigation through your source code


Future Feature will allow the end user to create code documentation

Code Editor

The Code Editor supports editing and Syntax Highlighting


Code Parser

A full featured Code Parser parses DataFlex code into its components and validates it against a number of different rules to show errors and warnings