DataFlex Project Manager – Now available

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After downloading the zip file make sure to ‘unblock’ the file before extracting and running the install program

You can unblock the zip file by going to the file properties (right-click -> properties) and then check the unblock checkbox


Group your workspaces into projects. You can add, edit and remove projects

Projects can be assigned images such as logos to make finding a project easier



Maintain a list of workspaces within each project

selecting a workspace will open that workspace in workspace manager.

The system allows adding as well as removing a workspace

DataFlex Projects

On the projects page inside the workspace all your projects are shown.

you can launch tools such as the Studio, Database Builder as well as dbExplorer

you can also run any of the projects, compile a project or do a batch compile.

Organize your projects in groups. Groups can be used for batch compiling



The Data page shows the data tables used in this workspace




The libraries page shows the library workspaces used in this workspace.

it also allows you to launch the Studio for a library workspace




The workspace page shows important information on your workspace such as DataFlex version, location of configuration file as well as all the path information





The DataFlex page shows important information on the DataFlex version used in this workspace


You can compile your programs from within the Project Manager (DataFlex Studio license required of course and has to be installed).

The system signals different statuses using icons. The compiler button icon changes to show the running compiler and if an error is encountered the icon changes to signal errors found even before compiling finishes.

The icon on the project shows either a missing binary, compiling in progress, errors found during compile or a successful compile

Batch compiling allows you to compile all your projects with the single click of a button. When the compile is finished a quick look at the status images will show if all projects compiled successfully

Remote Connections

Keep a collection of your global remote connections and also remote connections for specific customers/projects


A place to add quick links to all your important external tools

Package Manager

If you are using the Package Manager it also integrates here and shows the packages used in your workspace