DataFlex Controls

We offer a variety of controls for DataFlex. Some are meant to enhance the end users experience with your applications and others are there to make your life as a developer easier.

User Interface Controls

A number of different user interface controls that allow you to create modern easy to use applications

WebApp Controls

Controls to make DataFlex WebApp development easier and a better experience for the end user

Printing / Reporting

Libraries and controls to address reporting and printing needs

Utility Libraries

Utility libraries and controls



Interface libraries to help you interface DataFlex with other systems

Additional Controls and Libraries

In addition to the controls we officially offer for sale we have numerous controls and libraries available that we use internally for our development. This includes for example extensive EDI classes, libraries for a number of credit card providers, shipping companies etc.
If you have a specific need contact us and see if we might have something that fits your need.

here are a few examples of these libraries

Custom Controls and Libraries

We can also build custom controls or libraries for you project. Do you have the need to interface with external systems or equipment? We have the expertise to design and build these for you. We are proficient in a number of languages and know how to interface them with DataFlex.