Mastering VDF

Deepen your understanding of Visual DataFlex and Windows programming with Mastering Visual DataFlex, which provides real value to the beginner and the advanced programmer alike.


Object oriented programming in VDF How to deploy an application  Mouse programming  Drag and Drop  Reports in VDF  External controls  Multimedia programming  Bitmaps and Cursors  Writing a wizard  The DataFlex Database API  Intelligent resizing and locating Cascading floating menus Multilingual Applications User interface design guide  and much more …

Mastering Visual DataFlex is the indispensable guide to the language of DataFlex and the world of windows. The disk included in the book contains all source code from the book including the following reusable classes and utilities.

  • Utilities to deploy applications
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Mix-in class for intelligent resizing and locating
  • Class to play AVI files (Video)
  • Class to write wizards
  • Code snippets on how to use the database API
  • Class for floating menus (including cascaded menus)

Authors: Michael Salzlechner, Stuart Booth and David Lisle.  Contribution: John van Houten  262 Pages, as PDF file via email