DataFlex Package Manager Client

Getting Started

After installing the Package Manager client and starting it for the first time it will show as follows


As you can see there is no DataFlex workspace selected and no repository connected and obviously no user logged into the repository.

To get started lets set up the repository first.

Click the Settings button in the lower left corner


then select the Repositories tab


click Add to add a new repository


enter the repository URL and click connect.

After a success message is shown the Name and Owner fields should be filled and the Ok button enabled

if you have a user id you can also set an automated login for the repository. (This is not needed if you are only using the repository for downloading public packages)

Click Ok


Select the newly added repository and Click the default button to select this as your default repository

Then click Ok



Workspace Aware

The package manager client is aware of your DataFlex workspace. It will show important information on your workspace and also keep information on installed packages within your workspace

Browse Packages

The client allows you to browse packages available in the repository. It will show the package information and all available versions of this package. It will also show if this package is already installed in your workspace.