VPE for DataFlex

Professional Printing

VPE for DataFlex enables the DataFlex Developer to take advantage of VPE a world class printing library. Report classes built into VPE for DataFlex make reporting a breeze.

Key Elements

VPE for DataFlex enables the use of all features of VPE but also add a number of classes to make reporting simple and fast. Dopcument class, Report Class as well as a special column based report class and more are included.


VPE is available in different editions. Choose the edition that has the features you need for your projects


In addition we offer specialized addons such as a Label printing class that allows simple label printing from DataFlex

Web Applications

VPE for DataFlex supports both Desktop as well as WebApp projects. The same report can be used on both application types


Report Wizard

VPE for DataFlex ships with a simple report wizard that makes creating reports quick and painless. The report wizard generates DataFlex code that can then be modified in the DataFlex IDE.

Document Class

VPE for DataFlex is based on a powerful base VPE Document class that incorporates all the base VPE methods as well as powerful object oriented document handling.

Report Class

A very powerful report class implements reporting that allows everything from simple reports to very complex reports including nested tables, direct SQL query reporting, reporting from in memory data, column based reporting, etc.

Table Printing

A powerful class that makes printing table based data very easy is included.

Column Reports

A large number of reports are simple column based reports. A special subclass of the VPE for DataFlex report class is included to make column based reporting very easy. These column based reports can adjust to different paper sized and orientations on the fly.

Tree Based Data

If you have the need to print tree based data we include a class that implements printing reports including headers and footers with data supplied in tree form.

Output Options

VPE itself offers a number of output options ranging from PDF, VPE and image file formats as well as export to XML, HTML and ODT format. The class library also adds features that allow your reports to be exported to different file formats such as delimited and xml file formats.

VPE for DataFlex Class Library

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Upgrade Pricing

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(Class Library Only – requires valid VPE License)


Pricing including VPE Library

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