LibXL is a nice little inexpensive library that allows you to read and create excel files without actually having a copy of excel.

the library is available as a C++ library and a dot net library but for DataFlex there is no direct way of using LibXL.

We built a simple COM Interop wrapper for LibXL that allows you to use LibXL from within DataFlex

We are making this library available freely to DataFlex Developers.


// create lib xl object

Object oLibXL is a cszLibXL 

// create book
Integer hoBook 
Get CreateBook of oLibXL to hoBook    

// write string
Send WriteStr of hoSheet 3 1 "Sales Receipt" 

// save spreadsheet
Send ComSave to hoBook mynewfile1.xlsx

Please send an email to if you are interested in a copy of the library

If you would like to help us developing libraries like this and make them available please consider a donation via paypal to


Install using the DataFlex Package Manager

The LibXL Library is available via the DataFlex Package manager